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Our company operates with experience in the chicken and meat industry. We have been continuing our activities as a pioneer in offering fresh and quality products to our customers for years. Our employees consist of expert staff who closely follow the developments in the sector. All our team members manage production processes by paying utmost attention to food safety and hygiene rules. Our production facilities are equipped with the latest technology and have passed strict inspections. In this way, we offer our customers products produced in an environment where they will be safe.



We Offer High Quality Products.

Customer satisfaction is the most fundamental value of our company. Therefore, we work proactively to understand our customers' demands and meet their needs. All production processes are strictly controlled by our quality control department, ensuring that our products reach the consumer with the highest quality. Sustainability is one of the fundamental principles of our business. With the awareness of protecting nature and the environment, we aim to use natural resources in the most efficient way. We act in an environmentally friendly manner through waste management and recycling practices in our production processes.

  • The product range we offer to our consumers is quite wide. We produce fresh and high quality chicken meat, beef and other meat types. By maintaining our superior quality standards, we aim to offer products that suit our customers' tastes and add health and flavor to our customers' tables.

  • Our company is known for its reliability in the industry and consistency in quality standards. We have strengthened our place among the leading companies in the sector with our customer-oriented approach for many years. We aim to grow further and be successful by maintaining our superior standards in taste, flavor and safety.

Our Mission

To meet our customers nutritional needs at the highest level and keep their satisfaction at the highest level by offering quality, healthy and fresh chicken and meat products to our customers.


Our Vision

As Turkey's leading chicken and meat company, to be a brand that follows innovations in the sector, constantly improves quality and hygiene standards and to achieve sustainable growth. At the same time, as a company that attaches importance to environmentally friendly and ethical values, to support the healthy eating habits of the society and to be a leading brand in the sector.


Management Policy

As MRT Food Food Industry and Trade Limited Company, Red and Winged Baton Quality, Food and Halal Food within the scope of Doner, Cooked Poultry and Red Meat Doner Production our commitments;

  • Our Quality Policy

    Produced in high quality and hygienic conditions, suitable for food safety, customer service and our products and reliable services that meet legal regulatory requirements To ensure customer satisfaction.
    Contributing to our customers' health protection through menu planning to ensure.
    We constantly improve our products, processes, employees and work environment. improve
    The needs and expectations of our customers, employees and society to meet.

  • Our Food Safety Policy

    Material conforming to microbiological, physical and chemical specifications to provide.
    To ensure storage under appropriate conditions and production in a hygienic environment.
    To increase the knowledge and awareness level of our employees and suppliers.
    Request food safety information throughout the food chain and to forward.
    To this end, to continuously improve our processes and facilities.

  • Our Halal Food Policy

    Raw materials, production processes and final products OIC SMIIC 1 Halal Food To ensure compliance with the standard.
    Halal food awareness of all personnel involved in production processes to have.

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